RE-KKUR PVC Recycling

One of RE-KKUR's core principles is our in-house recycling process, giving reclaimed uPVC a completely new lease of life, and us the opportunity to impact on our environment positively through our exclusive use of our own mechanically re-manufactured materials in all of our PVC products.

RE-KKUR has a distinct competitive advantage by producing a high quality product that is made from 99% post-industrial recycled PVC. Only an experienced production team who have become familiar with the more difficult extrusion processes involved can achieve this.

The post-industrial recycled uPVC raw material is carefully chosen and the supply chain utilises only three reliable suppliers, ensuring a consistently high quality product.

During 2014 RE-KKUR changed its entire extrusion process to facilitate the use of recycled uPVC, creating its own tooling solutions for RE-KKUR.

Recycled PVC has differing mechanical properties, extrusion temperature and flow rate. RE-KKUR has completed an exercise to re-tune all its tooling to adapt to the use of this material, and this extensive R&D exercise has resulted in RE-KKUR being one of the only production facilities in the UK able to successfully extrude this type of PVC, giving us a distinct competitive edge over our rivals. 

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