The RE-KKUR story began in 2012 when Company founder Jake McCoy first unveiled a novel solution from recycled uPVC which would make the life of plasterers a happier lot, thanks to its ease of use and the versatility of its application.

Premium Grade Angle Beads, manufactured in Northern Ireland and delivered to your door within 3-days.

Our Mission

RE-KKUR is one of Northern Ireland’s only extruded uPVC plaster bead manufacturers. Through the use of post-Industrial recycled uPVC (>99%) materials to produce our products, the company designs and develops high quality building products for plastering, insulation and exterior protection professionals.

New Building regulations, EU Directives and practical recommendations, relating to the use of thermally efficient and anti-corrosive products in the construction industry, have resulted in a shift in focus towards the use of uPVC products (e.g. Plaster Beading).

Construction in adverse locations that are prone to harsh climate, such as salt in the air, cause galvanised beads to corrode and ultimately damage the plaster. The two solutions to this problem are Stainless Steel Beading or uPVC. However, stainless steel beading is 4 or 5 times more costly than galvanised beading, the clear cost effective solution is to use RE-KKUR uPVC plaster beading.

The focus on greener and more thermally efficient homes has prompted design professionals to specify building products that can reduce thermal bridging and water ingress; again RE-KKUR uPVC products provide suitable specification in this area.

Another area of change is the increased use of permanent coloured render for both aesthetic purposes and practical reasons. This render cannot be applied by using galvanised beading due to the aggressive chemicals used to colour the render. In this application either uPVC or stainless steel bead is used. However uPVC is favoured against the more expensive stainless steel beading. It is anticipated that over time all galvanised beading will be changed to the more convenient, greener and user-friendly uPVC beading. 

Our Products

RE-KKUR product range includes Angle Beads, Stop Beads, Bell Cast Beads, Movement Beads, Mesh Beads and other roofing trims. RE-KKUR beading is built to perform, exceeding the quality standards of normal plastic beading. The product is manufactured from the highest-grade post-industrial recycled uPVC material. It is here that RE-KKUR derives its unique strength and inherent quality. Put simply, the RE-KKUR product is a guaranteed tough, stable plastic bead that is resistant to corrosion and able to withstand the rigours of handling throughout the supply chain. 

Over the past 18-months RE-KKUR have supported us in developing our plaster bead business. RE-KKUR’s quality of products and speed of delivery have helped us grow our customer supply chain.

The Benefits of RE-KKUR

  • Use of Recycled uPVC in all products.
  • CE marking on Angle beads, Stop Beads and Belcast Beads
  • Capable of bespoke low volume orders
  • Professional and skilled manufacturing processes.
  • Ability to extrude Post Industrial Recycled uPVC. 
  • Quick delivery to many parts of the UK
  • Experienced and Dedicated Workforce
  • Consistent High Quality production
  • Customer Satisfaction >98%