RE-KKUR are setting new standards in uPVC construction materials.


RE-KKUR ecological principles are reinforced in an effective and sustainable approach to manufacturing. RE-KKUR’s recent drive towards recycling and future planned investment in infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities will incorporate the use of >350 tonnes of waste PVC per annum back into our production cycle, removing PVC waste from landfill and returning it back into the construction industry.

Our approach is driven by delivering high grade PVC products with minimal impact on our environment.

Ease of use

RE-KKUR Products are precision designed with users in mind, removing many of the install issues around other beads. Its unique arrangement of punched holes provides a highly accurate cutting guide resulting in faster, more accurate 45-degree mitre joints. This approach speeds fitting, saves time and even provides for the novice installer. 

RE-KKUR’s strength and versatility match well its finer design points. The raised ‘aris’ is a unique feature, which helps installers apply surface finish to an exact, depth and crisp point. This is critical as it makes for a stronger bond around windows and doors where movement is expected and therefore reduces defects.

RE-KKUR Innovation

We're dedicated to our pursuit of new applications of our technology.

Innovation development with Queen's University Belfast

Innovation development with Queen's University Belfast

All RE-KKUR plaster and rendering products are manufactured from recycled PVC and designed for ease of use and consistently excellent reliability. To ensure you benefit, our products are designed and developed in close collaboration with Queen's University Belfast

Under development: New RE-KKUR PVC Window Bands

Under development: New RE-KKUR PVC Window Bands

RE-KKUR is continually developing new ideas and products to meet our customers growing needs. The ‘Window Bands’ concept has been developed in conjunction with Queen University NI Technology Centre Belfast and has been designed to satisfy all current mechanical and technological standards. This innovative product will provide a time saving solution reducing the application for window band features and result in a significant cost saving. The new exciting product will be available in 2017.