RE-KKUR recycled PVC building products for consistent superiority in every corner. 

RE-KKUR for Architects and Planners

Make it RE-KKUR from the outset

With our range of innovative PVC rendering solutions, your team can be sure of quality in every corner. KE-KKUR angle bead and plaster bead products are behind the most visible aspects of almost every building project, where perfection is demanded, and our carefully monitored in-house manufacturing process means you can have confidence when you factor RE-KKUR in your planning specifications. 

RE-KKUR for Contractors and Professionals

Know it will be right with RE-KKUR

Our products are simple yet clever solutions which are light, versatile and easy to tailor, saving your company's time while improving the finished results and your bottom line.



Tested to BS EN ISO 11925-2:2010

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