RE-KKUR Roofing Products

RE-KKUR Roofing products are versatile and durable, designed to withstand and protect against the harshest of the elements and preventing damp ingress. Manufactured in high quality recycled uPVC, RE-KKUR Roofing products are strong yet light, ensuring ease of use and a beautiful finish every time.

RE-KKUR Tile Edge

RE-KKUR tile edge protects exposed roof edges, safeguarding them from the harshest weather conditions. manufactured in our own high quality recycled PVC, our tile edge is designed to provide effective protection, as well as enhancing the appearance of the building's exterior.

RE-KKUR Eaves Protector

RE-KKUR Eaves Protector is used in the construction industry as a replacement for roofing and guttering felt that supports the underlay and preventing water retention (ponding) behind the fascia board