The benefits of using recycled PVC

RE-KKUR are market leaders in the recycling of and manufacturing in PVC. New Building regulations, EU Directives and practical recommendations, relating to the use of thermally efficient and anti-corrosive products in the construction industry, have resulted in a sweeping shift in focus towards the use of uPVC products (e.g. Plaster Beading) in building projects. 

Construction in adverse locations that are prone to harsh climate, such as salt in the air, cause galvanised beads to corrode and ultimately damage the plaster. The two solutions to this problem are stainless steel or uPVC beading. However, stainless steel beading is 4 or 5 times more costly than the vulnerable galvanised beading, and so the clear cost effective solution is to use RE-KKUR uPVC plaster beading.

The focus on greener and more thermally efficient homes has prompted design professionals to specify building products that can reduce thermal bridging and water ingress; again RE-KKUR uPVC products provide suitable specification in this area.

Another significant area of change is the increased use of permanent coloured render for both aesthetic purposes and practical reasons. This render cannot be applied by using galvanised beading, due to the corrosive effect of the aggressive chemicals used to colour the render.

In this application either uPVC or stainless steel bead is used. However uPVC is favoured against the more expensive stainless steel beading. It is anticipated that over time all galvanised beading will be changed to the more convenient, greener and user-friendly uPVC beading, and RE-KKUR products are already positioned to be at the forefront of this revolution.